Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas Show at Cairo Opera House with Gala al-Hadidi and David Hales

I was at the Cairo Opera House for a Christmas show with Gala al-Hadidi (Mezzo Soprano) and David Hales (Piano).

Gala al-Hadidi sang some classic Christmas pieces, delivering an impressive performance that electrified us all. "Us all" included Madam American Ambassador, Egyptian TV star Nilli, and a hall-full of people.

Gala al-Hadidi was trained in Cairo - encouraged by director Abdel-Menem Kamel - and has also trained in France, Germany, Finland and the US. David Hales is an English pianist who has been at the Cairo Opera Company since 1980.

Gala hosted the event herself and spoke in English. She proved herself an adept, charismatic, and energetic 25-year-old performer. The hall rose to its feet several times to show their appreciation for her renditions of classics such as: "Tonight" (from West Side Story), "La Vie en Rose", "I could have danced" (My Fair Lady), "Angels we have heard on high (Gloria)" (a traditional French Carol), "Silent Night", "Minuits Chretiens", "Let it Snow", and more.

One thing I took from her performance: feel it. She felt what she sang.

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