Saturday, 18 July 2009

Links 18 July 09 - 02 Aug 09

The funny stuff:

The best Whose Line Is It Anyway clip I have ever seen.

Are you bored with the internet?

How to piss off the aeroplane passenger next to you: take a deep breath, open your laptop, and pull up this URL - annoying and funny, but great (Egyptian) pop song makes it all fine in the end.

Serious stuff:

Equal rights for men please, says woman.

Collins' scientific narrative on God. Scientists doing God can sound weird.

I don't know what the USA's effect is on BBC correspondents, but one after the other, it takes their breath away. From Alistair Cooke (of "Letter from America"), who adored his adopted new home and sent a broadcast letter once a week for about fifty years, to Stephen Sackur, whose eight-year stint included covering Clinton's infamous "I did not have sex with that woman" line, and now Justin Webb, they all turn wistful and loving.

Read the now-traditional "This-America-is-so-full-of-faults-n-paradoxes-but-darn-don't-I-just-love-its-almighty-awesomeness-and-ain't-I-sad-that-I's-goin-backs-to-that-overcast-knife-crime-ridden-place-called-Britain-again." Justin's reports from the US over the past eight years have generally painted sympathetic pictures. And now it's time for his farewell.

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avantcaire said...

that who's line is it anyway is stellar. but best ever?! that's pushing it me thinks.

avantcaire said...

are these weekly link summaries auto-posted from delicious? if so - how?

Ahmed said...

Nope, these links are deliciously hand-crafted for your and everybody's pleasure. I just create a placeholder draft and dump interesting stuff into it, and then clear out (aka publish) every couple of weeks.

The first time I watched that "good cop, bad cop" clip, I just couldn't believe how funny it is. Ryan Stiles always kills me: [conspiratorial] "Do ye think ye mighta overloaded it a lil bit?"

This dates back to the show's early days on UK TV in the 1990s. Stiles's brand of craftiness, meanness, and deadpanness hits the spot for me.

But, of course, yeah, the show has some amazing clips, this isn't the only one.