Thursday, 6 May 2010

When visuals strike

I am driving around Cairo and I notice this red bus that is of exactly the same type as the (new) red busses serving London. It even has the same iconic drawing on the side, just behind the driver (imported from the same company, I bet). For a second, my brain merges Cairo with London, superimposing our streets on theirs. But another part of my brain rejects the image. I like them separate.

Another such incident occurred a half hour ago. I have just parked, I open the door and there's a light breeze to relieve my heat. I have Four Tet's remix of "Roads Become Rivers, Rivers Become Oceans" by Rothko on my car system. Perfect music for a hot, 40C day and for me to spot two lizards climbing a wall. They're not exactly the same type of lizards I grew up with in northern Nigeria, but close enough to cause a superimposition, a type of dislocation.

Somewhere out there, everything is still the same.

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Anonymous said...

I see we are both in Africa these days - albeit you at the very north, me at the very south. I hope you and your family are well.

Ahmed said...

Thank you. I hope you are well too. Enjoy South Africa (again).

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I live here in Cape Town full-time now. How long have you been back in Egypt?

Ahmed said...

I've been here for eight months. Well done on Cape Town! Great.