Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Arab Terrorist Comedian

This evening, I was with a bunch of people that I don't know very well - I am on nice, friendly terms with them. The subject of my youtube clip came up, and one of them told me that whereas she thought my youtube clip is fun - in particular (note her distinction), the actress was amazing, she wondered if I am suited to play that type of role. Having the accent that I have, she continued, she was wondering if I have thought of playing different types of roles, more suited to me. "Like an Arab Terrorist," I asked. The whole table burst with laughter. She said, "Yes, absolutely. I mean, I didn't bring it up, you did. But that would suit you much better. You can bring so much to roles like that."

She continued digging herself deeper and absolutely ruined my night.

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Meg said...

What a complete dumb-ass.
Did everyone else realize what a moron she was?

Twirling, turning life chunks. said...

Meg, thanks for your support! You're a real friend. :-)

No, they did not say she was a dumb-ass! They saw she was making a frank comment, they saw I didn't like it, and rather than take sides, they left us to it and moved on.

I think for some people, the limiting and dispiriting aspect of what she was saying is not clear.

Molly said...

was she serious? is it humanely possible to BE that socially unacceptable and not be retarded?

Do you get that a lot in England?

**ps- I normally do not/will not comment on blogs with the word capture function. Mostly because the deficient internet in egypt means half the time I can't see the word. If I don't comment in the future its for this reason.

Ahmed said...

Molly, thanks for your comment. I have been a silent reader of your blog for a while. So, well done for taking the initiative to comment. :-)

The lady in question is not English, which I think can excuse her a little - she herself has an accent and feels an outsider herself. English people are amongst the most tactful people you will meet, Molly. They do not tend to say abrupt, frank things. In fact, they may say the opposite of what they feel - unless they've been drinking for a while.

I turned off the word capture function for now. If I get spam comments, will have to turn it back on again, am afraid.