Saturday, 7 March 2009

To everyone who reads this blog

Please comment. I do want people to say something back to me - even if one word.

When I post something and get absolutely no feedback, I tend to think that those who did read the post had skimmed it, or that they don't care for me. I know that my regular readers _do_ care for me, so then it must be that you skim my posts.

Either you read my blog because you care and you are willing to invest the time to jot down even a short question like "I didn't get your point" (say), or you do not care, and you should not be reading my blog.

In fact, I think in the age of "information overload", this is a good test of whether you want to remain subscribed to an RSS feed: Do I care enough to comment on the posts on this blog or not? (You may not be able to comment on every post, that is understood.)

It is important that blogs are commented on, folks. No man is an island, and all. In real life, I am a regular moaner about insularity; when people, with the excuse of 'shyness', do not reach out, reciprocate openness, or even show appreciation of it. I feel the same applies to blogs.

There are times when you want to write a message in a bottle and you do not care who reads it or what they think. I know there are times that I post something for which I expect no feedback at all, and I do not even want it. It's like: "I am telling the world that ..." On most occasions though, feedback is good.

What do you think? :-)

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Meg said...

Yes, feedback is good.

shehab said...

Agree Ahmed.

The conversational value of blogs is immense. One of the downsides of switching to an RSS reader is that it discourages commenting - the focus is on getting through the unread items and maybe bookmarking / sharing.
I will make a point of commenting here more often.

Anonymous said...

You have a very cool blog :)

TMC said...

Fine, fine. You caught me lurking. :)

Ahmed said...

I gotta say, this post flushed out some people that I had no idea were following my blog! :-)

Any more? :-)

ohradiogirl said...

I'm here, but you're not. Oh, well.