Monday, 2 March 2009

What was!

There must be something in Egyptian (and Arabic) DNA that makes us utter sentimentalists. Just full of longing and nostalgia.

I am listening to Nancy Ajram's Elli Kan. The music has been given the modern pop treatment but its base is old-old-school arabic/turkish. It's incredible with longing, aching. The lyrics have been matched to the same level of arch emotion.

What was before you, when you weren't next to me, it was like I never lived through.

And what will follow you, if you're not next to me, then I wish to die before you.

I don't normally pay attention to lyrics, I just let a song sink through several listens and - if I'm still listening, I begin to hear the words. "Elli Kan" ran through several listens, filled me with sentimentality and tenderness, and then began to register its words on me. You might want to try the same listening strategy.

Find the song in the music player on the right side.

"Elli Kaan" by Nancy Ajram - featuring English subtitles.

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